Here are the before and after pictures of another walkway we installed


In the Images to the Left, we removed grass around the house and replaced it with a paver walkway that leads to a large patio

Paver Walkway with a Circle pack at each end.

Joseph's Landscaping


Here we installed a red Brick Walkway with grey Paver soldier course edge

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Here we installed a Paver Walkway with basket weave pattern.

Here we removed an old flagstone and cement walkway, and replaced it with a new paver walkway with a circle pack. 

Here we installed another red brick Walkway as well as a drainage system and new plantings.


Above, we removed the existing concrete walkway, set forms, and poured a new walkway to the proper elevation and pitched for better water run off. This will deter rain and ice problems. 



At this home there was a steep hill, making it not very easy to walk on. We installed a few granite steps and a new walkway, making a level walking surface to get to the house