CHelmsford, MA

At this home there was a steep hill, making it not very easy to walk on. We installed a few granite steps and a new level walkway, making it an easier walking surface to get to the house

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Here we installed another red brick Walkway as well as a drainage system and new plantings.

we completed the look of this home with a Paver Walkway containing a Circle pack at each end.

at this home we installed a red Brick Walkway with grey Paver soldier course edge leading to the deck and pool

Here we installed a Paver Walkway with basket weave pattern and soldier course border.


Above, we removed the existing concrete walkway, set forms, and poured a new walkway to the proper elevation and pitched for better water run off. This will deter rain and ice problems. 

Here we removed an old flagstone and cement walkway, and replaced it with a new paver walkway with a circle pack. 


At this home in Groton, we regraded the front yard, and installed a new walkway, making it more of a level walking surface leading from the driveway to the front door. 


Here we regraded the lawn and installed a new walkway leading downhill to the pool area from a new patio space

In this case, we removed an old walkway, re-graded the sloped land even with the driveway, and installed a new paver walkway further out from the SHRUB-LIne

At this home in groton, we removed the overgrown brick walkway and installed a paver walkway leading to the front of the house 


In the Images to the Left, we removed grass around the house and replaced it with a paver walkway that leads to a large patio



New Walkway:




On the left, we removed an existing concrete walk and replaced it with a new one just a little wider and completed it with a non-slip finish. 

Here are the before and after pictures of another walkway we installed

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Previous Walkway: