Joseph's Landscaping



If you have a problem with a sloping yard or erosion due to inadequate drainage, we can build a retaining wall system that can hold back the soil or water from the areas where you don't want it, and keep it where it is.


Below are some pictures of a stone retaining wall we built using the original fieldstone from the property. This allowed a safe area on top to walk on and plenty of room on the bottom for parking 


 to the left and below are photos of a new retaining wall We installed after we lowered the grade of the yard. We also installed some drainage, loam, and sod.

at this yard, we installed 2 smaller retaining walls to create MULTI-LEVELs, which creates a much more useful yard

 we removed the old planter and installed a new one with some new shrubs!

Helping to make your landscaping ideas a reality.

The photos above and below show a new retaining wall we installed and raised the grade of the yard.